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If the right approach is followed, mastering piano can be fun. However, there are certain common mistakes committed by most beginners while trying to take in this instrument. Some of these mistakes have been detailed in the followed lines. These should be avoided by every individual who wishes to be perfect in playing it when trying to play the piano.

Notes Are Confused With Best Piano Lesson Online ’20

Many individuals confuse notes with keys. It has to be noted that pitches are played by keys which are then mapped with notes. Take for instance, the case of G-flat and F-sharp which are played with same key on piano. Every student of the art has to discover the distinction between them.

Treble clef may not necessarily be played with the right hand. Similarly, it is not necessary to play bass clef with help of left hand alone. This mistake is committed by most beginners. It must be understood that both hand can play anywhere. Bass clef range tends to be lower than the treble clef range. But that does not limit any individual from playing with any one of the two hands.

Playing the keyboard solely in C major is another major mistake committed by many beginners. However, the fault lies mainly with the teacher or teaching method, rather than the student. Shorter fingers ought to play the white keys which are longer as compared to black keys. Alternatively, the black keys should be played with the longer keys.

The black keys on the keyboard are flats and sharps and not the other way round. Playing higher key is termed as a sharp and playing a lower one is referred to as a flat. Each and every black key happens to be flat and sharp, but the opposite is not true. This is because flats and sharps can also be white keys so be mindful when you learn to play the piano.

The beginners tend to be oblivious of difference and relationship among disparate notes. To understand the relation between different notes, one may begin with understanding simple melodies. One should not be anxious while going for black keys. One should note try to sing lower and higher notes with equal ease.

Not giving due importance to the scales is a big mistake which is even committed by most experienced ones. When trying to learn the piano, one should not commit this mistake. All these mistakes should be avoided at all costs by the individuals who want to pick it up in the right way.

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learn to play the piano