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Hey it’s Julie here,

I have created this site to help people discover the piano online.

I am by no means an expert and actually can not play at all myself and have had no interest to be taught the keyboard. However, my daughter Kayleigh is learning to master this instrument.

If you have stumbled upon my site looking for, what is in my opinion, the best online piano course then click here to learn to play the piano. If not, then read on to find out what I really thought of this product, GOOD & BAD.

Are You Looking Online To Grasp The Piano But Confused?

I was confused. Our story is as follows and is about becoming able to have fun with the piano, or more to the point, a little girl who said “I want to learn the piano daddy?” She knew what she was doing, she went straight to her father with the question, looked up with those doe eyes and asked the question. Well her father could not resist and said, “yes of course honey”.

He went onto the internet and found a local piano teacher who he promptly called and booked the first class. He’s like that sometimes, just no thought and goes with the 1st option in google 🙂 Saturday morning came, and to my surprise my husband was up (he has a lie in a Saturday morning if our son does not have soccer practice) and my daughter all dressed by 8.30am. When he picked up his car keys, and called to Kayleigh I said “Hey, where are you two going?”, my husbands reply was “I’m taking Kayleigh to her piano class remember?”.

best piano lessons online

Online piano lessons

Do you think I remembered?

No, I didn’t because neither of them had told me, which I am still utterly amazed about because Kayleigh was so excited I thought she was going to pee herself. I have no idea how she didn’t tell me that daddy had booked her lessons.

Anyway, so I told them I had no idea what they were talking about, and then whispered to my husband “How much are they?”, “$50” he said. I was extremely angry because in this current economic climate things had become a bit tight, as I am sure has been the same for many. He said “It’s OK, we’ll knock it off Xmas and birthday presents”. I was not amused, but he had committed to Kayleigh so I let it go for the sake of her, and off they went for Kayleigh to bash on some keys.

They came back, and Tony seemed a little down hearted. Tony is my husband by the way. “How did it go” I asked Kayleigh, “extremely hard” she replied. Well, of course it is and this was only your first class I replied. She perked up a bit, I gave her a drink and she ran off to see what her brother was up to.

I turned to Tony, and asked him why he looked so down. He replied, advising that although really nice, he was not impressed with the teachers style of teaching. He said he couldn’t explain it, but it just seemed a little advanced for a beginner. Therefore, I decided there and then that I would take Kayleigh the following the week. And I did and I came back thinking the same as Tony, so at school I asked Kayleigh’s teacher if they knew of any piano teachers and they gave us 2 names, the lady we were already using and another to who was an ex-concert pianist. Before, I dived straight in and booked with the other teacher, I asked the parents if they knew anybody that had or was having lessons with either of these teachers.

I was introduced to a couple of people who were with both teachers and they were not very impressed with their children’s piano playing and had stopped the classes. After I got home, I started thinking that it can’t be the children. Children are in a great place for opening their minds and learning new things so it shouldn’t be that difficult to acquire this new skill. They do that everyday at school, and in life generally. As everyone does I turned to the Internet, I have to say at first it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, then I found a few books that I bought for Kayleigh and she used them at our next door neighbours whom have a piano and let Kayleigh practice there 3 times a week. The books were no good, I was ready to knock this whole thing on the head, period.

I cancelled the lessons, they were costing too much and Kayleigh was not getting the $50 worth out of them. So I had all but given up on Kayleigh being taught this instrument when….

…One Monday morning at school a mum came up to me and said to me “Are you the lady who was asking about piano lessons?”.

Obviously, I owned up and the lady, Felicity I now know her as (Thank you Felicity if you are reading this) said “we have found the piano training from this particular website outstanding. It is amazing you must try it”

Well, we did and Kayleigh is loving learn to play the piano this way, even her brother has started now. If you want to master yourself or for your kids, you must try the course below, just click below to be taken right to the sellers page. I do get paid a small commission which I will use to keep this blog open to help others get the right lessons.

Thanks for reading and good luck with discovering to play the Piano Online

best online piano lessons for kids

Best Piano Lessons Online 2020 (Beginners, Adults & Children)

Product TypePriceEase of UseStar Rating Review
Mobile Apps – Android and iOSFree to Monthly SubscriptionHard3
Free YouTubeFreeHard – Left Wanting More2
Online Video CoursePaid – Only $39Medium to Beginner5